I'm an actress and filmmaker.  I also work in the visual art space.

I co-founded Black&Sexy TV, and I'm founder and creative director here at House of Numa

I was born in Haiti and adopted at a young age by American parents (white mother, black father).  They raised my many siblings and I in small town USA.  Farm life gave me a rich imagination, and my ambitions lead me to all kinds of odd jobs and little businesses as a kid.  I picked strawberries for pay and sold my poetry to classmates at 9 years old. 

I wrote my first book around this age too, a romance mystery novel- and I haven't departed from my love of love, drama, and suspense since.  I also love all comedy, from cringe to slapstick.

This naturally lead me to movies, and I love being in movies and making movies.  I also love helping others to get their movies made because I believe everyone has stories worth telling. 

I'm most interested in progressive themes that are told in a raw stripped down manner.  House of Numa produces films that engage provoke and challenge convention.   Jezebel, my feature directorial debut,  is the first on our slate.

My journal here has rather intimate slices of my life from childhood to motherhood.  Through it I hope you will know me better.