house of numa

an art house film company with a focus on black women as leads in front and behind the camera.

our stories matter.


I was born in Haiti and adopted by an interracial American family who raised me and my seven siblings in small town USA.  This included living on a farm in rural Washington for several years where we lived off the land growing our own food. Population was 250 and our cobbled together family was the target of the towns darker elements.

This  gave me a textured view on race, culture, and class identity. It also presented a fragmented connection to my sense of family.

By the time I was a teenager I became the main caregiver to my adoptive mother whose health was declining from diabetic complications.  

This gave me a curiosity about what it meant to shape myself as a woman, and raised questions for me about unspoken dynamics surrounding the notions of mothering and childhood.  

In my work, whether in front or behind the camera, whether writing or creating immersive art experiences, these themes are constantly at play.

I'm drawn to ritual and sensuality and enjoy humor as a means to relax and disarm. 

Here at House of Numa,  you'll learn about my latest projects, and I invite you to browse through my personal essays to get to know me better.

Much love,