photo credit: Frances Ampah

photo credit: Frances Ampah

I'm an artist, actress, and entrepreneur.

 I co-founded Black&Sexy TV, and I'm head of the household here at House of Numa

I was born in Haiti and adopted at a young age by American parents (white mother, black father).  They raised my many siblings and I in small town USA.  Farm life gave me a rich imagination, and my ambitions lead me to all kinds of odd jobs and little businesses as a kid.  I picked strawberries for pay and sold my poetry to classmates at 9 years old. 

I wrote my first book around this age too, a romance mystery novel- and I haven't departed from my love of love, drama, and suspense since.  I also love all comedy, from cringe, to slapstick.

This naturally lead me to movies, and I love being in movies and making movies.  I also love helping others to get their movies made because I believe everyone has stories worth telling. 

At House of Numa you will find  everything I am working on -  films, installations, essays, design, photography, TV series, books, and even my recipes.  It's all art to me. All creation that I pour myself into.

My journal here has rather intimate slices of my life from childhood to motherhood.  Through it I hope you will know me better.