house of numa

an art house film company with a focus on black women as leads in front and behind the camera.

our stories matter.


When you enter my home - aka Black&Sexy HQ  you will find a most atypical office setting.  A large table overflowing with production work, school work, random beauty items, and other well meaning clutter.  The couches were both found on the street, benches double as coffee tables, and almost everything is an odd end.  The most curious item that we often get questions about is what are those photos on the wall?  People are either intrigued or repelled by the series which I call - Forsaken. 


I created the work for an art auction to raise money for a documentary about the child soldier and sex slave crises in Uganda circa 2007.  I wanted to give some visual reference in a still story form to echo what the film would depict.  The work also expresses my feelings about too many women in the world who are invisible, disappearing, or hiding due to shame and oppression.

A friend trusted me to photograph her nude in the woods and it took me a very long night to edit and select these exact images that would make the final cut.  I mounted each photo by hand on 2 custom cut panels of wood and sold my very first prints and work of art that night.  Now several of these prints are being archived at the Getty Research Institute.  I love having the original work in a place where so many see it when they come by, it never ceases to have an impact, or raise questions.